Five Great Tips For Earning Top Marks

23 MAY 2015 By Admin
Five Great Tips For Earning Top Marks

Want to earn a first-class degree? That’s no mean feat but where there’s a will there’s a way! Follow our tips for earning top marks and you may find yourself a step closer to earning that coveted first class honours.

Here are five of the most practical tips you’ll need, from balancing your commitments to keeping track of your study notes and assignments.

Make Time For Study & Balance Your Commitments

Balancing study, social and work commitments is not easy. It may mean having fewer social outings, cutting back your work shifts or spending weekends studying. But remember that balance is not just a matter of making sacrifices. Although some sacrifices will be necessary, balancing your commitments is about looking for effective ways to manage your time and is why flexible options such as online study are so advantageous.

Prepare For Examinations Well In Advance

Although this may seem obvious, it has to be said because too few students practise what they preach. If top marks are what you are after, preparation is the key. This will mean keeping up with a consistent study schedule throughout the term. Preparing in advance saves you from a nasty shock that comes with last minute studying, such as realising just how much work needs to go into an assessment the night before it’s due and you’ve left it too late!

Ask Questions

If you’re not about something, don’t hesitate to ask. Your tutors will be more than happy to answer any questions. If you have concerns that a particular assessment may have been marked perhaps incorrectly, it’s better to voice your concerns than say nothing and lose marks that could have been yours.

Keep Tabs On Your Work

Months along the road when you’re in a rush to find a specific article you downloaded in your first week, it will help to have kept track of your work. If you’re working on your laptop, try to save your work logically in appropriate folders. If you’re taking notes on paper, try to get in the habit of clearly labelling everything with date and subject. This makes exam preparation much easier when the time comes.

Attend Relevant Events & Seminars

If you find invitations to events or seminars in your email, make sure you read them with a view to going along. Some of these may be relevant to your studies, even if they do impact on some of your free time and may help you develop skills in certain areas and improve your graduate job prospects.

By following these tips for earning top marks in your degree, you may find that first class honours is within closer reach than you thought!