The Importance Of Good Nutrition

The Importance Of Good Nutrition

Female-Black-African-Student-SmilingThere’s one thing that all students overlook.

One thing that is essential to their successful study and of course their health and well-being.


It’s like they say, you are what you eat.

Food is the body’s petrol; depriving your body of food is like running a car on empty, and what happens when you do that?

The car CHOKES!

But it’s not just any food.

Do you think eating a box of chocolates is the same as eating some nutritious fruit?


The body needs healthy, nutritious food that can nourish mind, body and spirit.

As a general guideline, try and make sure you’re eating meals you’ve prepared at home with fresh ingredients. Also make sure there are a variety of grains, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit in your diet.

AVOID processed and packaged foods as these foods will an adverse effect on your body.
Think of these foods as treats, having them only once in a while.

And last but not least; make sure you’re drinking lots of water as water is the source of all life.
Water keeps you hydrated and at the top of your game.

When in doubt just remember:

‘A healthy body equals a healthy mind.’