Dr Peter Silwimba


Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

The story of Dr Peter Silwimba




Honourable Minister, and government officials, academics and staff members of Unicaf University in Zambia, dear fellow graduates and students, dear friends watching this TV broadcast or joining us via social media from around the world, all protocols observed.

I am honoured and grateful for the opportunity to speak at the first physical Graduation Ceremony of Unicaf University in Zambia on behalf of all Zambian graduates of 2022. 

Indeed, this is a special occasion and it is time to pay tribute to the three legs of the tripod stand, which supported every graduating student throughout their studies, helping them achieve this wonderful accomplishment.  

What do I mean? We all know a tripod stand is a valuable three-legged frame, used to support the weight and maintain the stability of an object. In this context, the object supported is the certificate award you are receiving today. 

We recognise Unicaf University in Zambia as the first leg of the tripod, which has provided all necessary resources, meeting the strict standards of the Higher Education Authority in Zambia. 

As the second leg we recognise this well deserving group of graduating students. 701 talented and forward thinking individuals from 67 countries, who have successfully completed their study programmes with hard work, diligence, and discipline in the use of their time, energy and other valuable resources. Many of us juggling demanding careers and family obligations at the same time.  

We recognise as the third leg of the tripod, our family members, friends, employers and colleagues, who supported us throughout our studies by contributing financially, by understanding our need to devote our free time to our studies, by helping us out when we needed it. 

Now that we are happily celebrating the sought after qualifications and academic titles that we have justly earned, we would like to remind ourselves and everyone else of some of the exciting experiences we have had during our studies with Unicaf University. I am sure this applies to many of our students graduating today. 

  • We have learned new things – During the programme, we have acquired knowledge that has closed previous gaps. We discovered how things work and why they work like that. We learned how to think outside the box and seek fresh ideas.
  • We have learned about technology – Unicaf University’s blended system incorporating  online learning has exposed us to new technologies in education and has enhanced our skills in effectively navigating the Internet and the state-of-the-art Unicaf digital platform in search of advanced knowledge. 
  • We survived Covid19 – Always grateful to God Almighty, the Unicaf University Online Learning System enabled students and academics to continue their work throughout the pandemic, the enforced lockdowns and social distancing.
  • We have discovered new places – The Unicaf International Annual Conferences provided unique opportunities for students of Unicaf’s partner institutions to travel to cosmopolitan destinations, from London and Cape Town to Dubai, to interact with professionals from around the world and discover new ways of thinking and working together globally. We travelled and marvelled!


Furthermore, through all the training, skills and new knowledge we have received while studying at Unicaf University, 

  • we became qualified for higher and better paying jobs, 
  • we have learned how to be professional in the conduct of our duties and responsibilities, 
  • how to be more confident and face all challenges effectively, 
  • how to help our communities through our research and related work, 
  • how to add value to our careers, lives and to everything we do. 
  • Of course we have also managed to change our status by acquiring a new academic title and becoming known for our work through our research and publications! Yes, some of us we will be on Google!!

Dear friends, all of what I have described just now is the real impact Unicaf University can have on someone’s life. We are lucky to receive this blessing today. Congratulations fellow graduates, you did good! 

Thank you very much!