Putting Yourself Out There

18 SEP 2015 By Admin
Putting Yourself Out There

So you’re studying an MBA with a UNICAF Scholarship.

 You’re learning all the theory, everything that makes up the meat and potatoes of business.

 But what about the practice?

 Don’t you need to know the practicalities of business?

 We say yes!

 Theory will only get you so far.

 So how do you solve this problem?

 Simple…put yourself out there!

 What do we mean?

 Go and find local businesses, speak to the owners, learn the reality of things and blend it with knowledge. Ask questions, offer help, do more than is expected of you!

 Who knows…you might learn a thing or two.

 Better yet, you might even get a job, it’s not every day a proactive young man/woman walks into a local business and offers to help for nothing but valuable information..

 And don’t be shy, most business owners want to pass on their skills and knowledge!