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Unicaf University Visits Baobab College

Press Release
Unicaf University Visits Baobab College

On the 15th and 16th of February, the Unicaf University marketing team organised two separate school visits to the Baobab College in Zambia.

The first visit was represented by Unicaf University lecturer, Dr. Attridge Mwelwa and Unicaf Marketing Officer, Nancy Nkonde. The second visit was made by Unicaf Marketing Officer, Chipo Mabuti and the talk was led by Unicaf’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Rachel M. Sinyangwe.

Both talks discussed the many different career paths that the students can choose from, highlighting the importance of research and recognition of personal interest, for the students to have more confidence when choosing their future study paths.

The speakers also discussed Zambia’s job market, and mentioned the importance of entrepreneurship to the students, in an attempt to reassure those who were apprehensive about following further academic engagement.

In addition, the speakers shared valuable information about Unicaf University, talking about the multitude of programmes that Unicaf University offers to its students and the advantage of studying at an internationally and locally accredited university like Unicaf.

The Baobab College visits were a resounding success, with most of the students being incredibly interactive and excited to engage with the speakers, especially during the raffle that took place at the end of the talk that presented the winner, Phina Kiprios, with a free Unicaf tablet.