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Unicaf University Signs MOU with Bambino Private School

Press Release
Unicaf University Signs MOU with Bambino Private School

Unicaf University proudly announces a strategic partnership with Bambino Private School, a renowned day and boarding school located in area 15, Lilongwe. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in expanding access to quality education in Malawi and enhancing the academic landscape.

Founded in 1993, Bambino Private School has been at the forefront of providing holistic education with its pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and Special Needs Education and Disabilities (SEND) department. The institution boasts a dedicated team of 54 teachers and 35 non-academic staff, committed to fostering academic excellence, moral and ethical behaviour, artistic expression, and personal character.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing ceremony, a pivotal moment in the partnership, was attended by Dr Robert Ridley, the Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University in Malawi.

This collaboration between Unicaf University and Bambino Private School opens up new opportunities for students in Malawi to access world-class education through online platforms. Unicaf University’s innovative approach to online learning, coupled with Bambino’s rich tradition of academic excellence, is set to create a powerful synergy that will benefit students, teachers, and the entire community.

Bambino Private School’s mission to create an environment where students can achieve the highest standards of excellence resonates with Unicaf University’s vision to set the benchmark for accessible and flexible higher education, epitomising innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement across Africa and beyond. Together, the institutions aim to empower learners not only academically but also in terms of moral and ethical values, artistic expression, and personal character development.

As both Unicaf University and Bambino Private School embark on this collaborative journey, they are committed to shaping the future of education in Malawi and contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.