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Unicaf University Participates at Mufulira MCM School 1st Careers Talk

Press Release
Unicaf University Participates at Mufulira MCM School 1st Careers Talk

The Unicaf University team participated at the 1st 2023 Career Talk at the Mufulira MCM School in Zambia to engage with high school students who were unsure about their future career paths.

A group of 70 11th & 12th-grade pupils were given a talk by Dr Lameck Mwewa, Unicaf University Deputy Vice Chancellor, and Unicaf University Marketing Officers, Chipo Mabuti and Andrew Musonda. The team shared information about the many Bachelor’s degrees that Unicaf University offers, in an attempt to inspire the youngsters to give some more thought to their academic futures.

Mr. Mabuti explained to the students that knowing what they wanted to study could help them make an informed decision as to where they should apply. He also reassured the students that apprehension was not necessarily a bad thing, as it could open up the opportunity for the students to primarily focus on following their passions and interests instead. This would allow them to perhaps find a university degree that aligns with their personal preferences, thus making their university experience more enjoyable.

Dr Lameck spoke to the students about key skills that are necessary in the 21st century workplace. The students were also told about the changing dynamics of the world, and how Unicaf University is providing its students with the necessary tools they will need to thrive in the current job market.

The talk concluded with a raffle draw for a brand new Unicaf tablet and a brief thank-you note from one of the students, who showed gratitude to the three Unicaf University speakers on behalf of the school for enlightening them on the many possibilities that lie ahead.

After the talk, the Unicaf University team held a further discussion with the headmaster of the school, where they discussed the academic programmes that would benefit the school’s workforce. Various possibilities were discussed and both sides agreed to collaborate after the visit.

Even though this was the school’s first 2023 career talk, the students and staff applauded the Unicaf University team for making the day a huge success, as many of the students were able to apply the new information about where the world is projected to be in the future, in terms of their career choices and  job availability.