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Unicaf University in Zambia Successfully Conducts Basic Fundamentals Training for SMEs

Press Release
Unicaf University in Zambia Successfully Conducts Basic Fundamentals Training for SMEs

Unicaf University in Zambia marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of its inaugural Basic Fundamentals Training for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This 3-day event, held at the new state-of-the-art Unicaf University campus amphitheatre, gathered 50 representatives from diverse career and business backgrounds. The initiative aims to provide essential capacity-building support to SMEs, fostering their growth and sustainability in the local business landscape. 

Dr Lameck Mwewa, Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University in Zambia, inaugurated the event, emphasising the institution’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strategic partnerships. Andrew Musonda, Senior Business Development Officer, delivered a comprehensive presentation showcasing the university’s academic and professional programmes, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and further education.

Led and coordinated by Mrs Angela Chitamya, a lecturer at Unicaf University in Zambia, the SME training sessions were enriched by the expertise of esteemed facilitators. Mr Dominic Manhundu, Executive Director at the Chartered Institute of Customer Management and Mr Kenny Sinyangwe, Lead Business Consultant in Sales and Entrepreneurship, provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the programme.

Participants engaged actively in the sessions, posing questions and leveraging networking opportunities with Unicaf University staff. The event culminated in a campus tour, where attendees experienced first-hand the ultra-modern facilities and resources available at Unicaf University.

Reflecting on the success of the training, Unicaf University expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of SME representatives and reiterated its dedication to supporting local businesses through education and skill development initiatives. As the first in a series of planned training sessions for the year, Unicaf University looks forward to fostering enduring connections and empowering SMEs to achieve their full potential in the dynamic business landscape of Zambia.