Unicaf Proudly Sponsors the 20th Edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon 2023 in Kenya

Unicaf Proudly Sponsors the 20th Edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon 2023 in Kenya

Unicaf, the leading online higher education provider, proudly sponsored the 20th edition of the Standard Chartered Marathon, held in Nairobi on October 29, 2023. This iconic event, sponsored by the Standard Chartered Bank since 2003, has become a beacon of hope, bringing together communities and supporting noble causes.

The Standard Chartered Marathon, a physical run that gathered 20,000 athletes in various race categories, aimed not only to promote a healthy lifestyle but also to champion important social and environmental causes. This year, the Standard Chartered Bank committed to making the marathon one of the most environmentally conscious events globally. Their pledge included planting 30,000 trees and reducing the use of plastic throughout the marathon.

Unicaf, as a proud sponsor of the event, played a significant role by contributing 10,000 tree seedlings, aligning with the marathon’s commitment to a greener future. The Unicaf team actively participated in the marathon, with 10 dedicated staff members and 5 enthusiastic Unicaf students taking part in different race categories.

The marathon featured several exciting race categories, including the 21 km Wheelchair Race, the 42 km Full Marathon, Corporate Relay, 21 km Half Marathon, 10 km Race, and 5  km Race. In addition to promoting physical fitness, these races provided a platform for participants to engage actively with the community.

Unicaf staff and students embraced the spirit of the marathon, showcasing determination and resilience. The top athletes were rewarded generously, with the 42 km elite race winner receiving Ksh 2,000,000, the second-placed runner earning Ksh 750,000, and the third-place finisher being awarded Ksh 500,000. The winners of the 21 km Half Marathon and Wheelchair Race each received Ksh 300,000, encouraging a competitive yet amicable atmosphere.

Unicaf expressed gratitude for the opportunity to support the marathon and its impactful initiatives. The event not only provided a platform for Unicaf staff and students to showcase their athleticism but also reinforced the organisation’s commitment to community engagement and environmental sustainability.