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Unicaf Makes Strides in Promoting Education and Innovation at Nigeria Innovate Conference and Expo

Press Release
Unicaf Makes Strides in Promoting Education and Innovation at Nigeria Innovate Conference and Expo

Unicaf, a leading global educational organisation, showcased its commitment to fostering innovation through education at the Nigeria Innovate Conference and Expo held on February 6th-7th, 2023, in Lagos.

The event, attended by over 700 participants representing diverse sectors, including fintech, real estate, and payment solutions, served as a platform for Unicaf to engage with industry leaders, professionals, and potential students. Unicaf took the opportunity to introduce attendees to its scholarship programme, emphasising the numerous opportunities for affordable online studies and flexible payment plans.

The organisation proudly highlighted its partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the University of East London, Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Suffolk, in the UK, the University of California – Riverside Extension in the USA, and Unicaf University in Africa.

As part of its presence at the conference, Unicaf exhibited its offerings, allowing interested participants to engage with representatives during networking sessions. The positive response and inquiries received during the event demonstrated the growing interest in Unicaf’s education programmes and scholarship opportunities.

In addition to its active participation, Unicaf garnered attention as a sponsor of the Nigeria Innovate Conference and Expo. The organisation’s commitment to supporting the event contributed significantly to its success, creating widespread awareness of the Unicaf brand. The exposure provided an excellent opportunity for Unicaf to connect with potential partners and explore collaborative ventures on a business-to-business (B2B) level.

The organisers of the event expressed their gratitude for Unicaf’s contribution, acknowledging the pivotal role the organisation played in achieving the conference’s objectives. In a statement, the organisers said, “We are delighted to have Unicaf as a sponsor and exhibitor at the event. Unicaf’s dedication and support were instrumental in making the Nigeria Innovate Conference and Expo a resounding success. We greatly appreciate their commitment to promoting innovation through education and look forward to the possibility of collaborating again in the future.”

Unicaf remains steadfast in its mission to make quality education accessible to individuals worldwide and looks forward to continuing its efforts to drive innovation through education.