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Unicaf Champions Healthcare Transformation at KMA Annual Conference

Press Release
Unicaf Champions Healthcare Transformation at KMA Annual Conference

Unicaf recently sponsored and took part as an active participant in the Kenya Medical Association Annual Conference, a prestigious three-day event held at The Grand Royal Hotel in Kisumu City. Under the theme “Transforming Healthcare Delivery: A Roadmap for Healthcare Reforms,” Unicaf contributed significantly to the discourse on reshaping healthcare in Kenya.

The conference, a cornerstone event in the healthcare sector, assembled professionals, policymakers and stakeholders to deliberate on strategies to enhance healthcare services across the nation. With a commitment to fostering innovative solutions, Unicaf engaged in discussions with various esteemed organisations to explore opportunities for extending the Corporate Scholarship Scheme (CSS) to their entities.

Among the organisations present were:

  • Brookside Diaries
  • Tharaka Nithi County Government
  • Commonwealth Medical Association
  • Kenya Association of Physicians
  • Britam
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA)

The Kenya Medical Association (KMA), as the national association of doctors and dentists, plays a pivotal role in advocating for quality medical practice and patient protection in Kenya. KMA’s strategic position within the health sector policy underscores its influence in national decision-making bodies.

Unicaf’s participation emphasises its commitment to leveraging education as a catalyst for societal progress, with a focus on addressing critical challenges in healthcare delivery and capacity building.