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The Unicaf – UNESCO Workshop on Cyber Security & Excel Equips Kenyan Youths with Essential Skills

Press Release
The Unicaf – UNESCO Workshop on Cyber Security & Excel Equips Kenyan Youths with Essential Skills

The workshop on Cyber Security & Excel, jointly organised by Unicaf and UNESCO Innovation and Technology, was successfully held on the 25th of May, 2023 at the prestigious Westland Banquet Center by Pride Inn. The event aimed to empower Kenyan youths with crucial skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security and the effective use of Excel. The workshop attracted a cross-section of enthusiastic participants from diverse backgrounds who were eager to enhance their understanding of these vital areas.

The ceremony commenced with opening remarks from Ms Winnie Rachael, the Communications and Marketing Manager for Unicaf Kenya. Ms Rachael highlighted the workshop’s significance in nurturing the next generation of cyber security professionals and expressed deep gratitude to Unicaf and UNESCO Youth Forum Kenya for their unwavering commitment to such initiatives.

The workshop was divided into two sessions, with the morning session focusing on cyber security and the afternoon session centred around Excel training. The morning session included various energising activities such as icebreakers, introduction games, breakout sessions, and captivating dance performances to foster a sense of community among the participants. Inspirational speeches by members of the UNESCO team set the stage for the subsequent training.

The participants expressed their gratitude for being selected to attend the workshop and shared positive testimonials about their enriching experience. They acknowledged the commendable efforts of Unicaf and UNESCO in organising the event and providing them with a valuable opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in the domains of cyber security and Excel.

This workshop exemplified the collaborative efforts of Unicaf and UNESCO in fostering the development of Kenyan youths and preparing them for the challenges of the digital era. The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and community building among the participants, enabling them to become future leaders and contributors in the field of cyber security.