Making use of your lecturers

14 SEP 2015 By Admin
Making use of your lecturers

Why do you go to school?

Why do you choose to further your education?

What’s the reason?

More importantly what’s the point?

To expand your knowledge base, extend and transform your perceptions!

Studying is a process by which you grow, learn and expand your mind. The point of study is to become a better person than you are, a person that knows and respects their own limitations and embraces their strengths.

This brings us to the matter of ego.

We all know how embarrassing it is to admit you don’t understand something. We all know how much it hurts to ask for outside help and this often hurts our ego so much that we avoid it like the plague.

But is this in your best interests?

Does this get you anywhere?

We say yes it does…one step closer to failure!

When you don’t understand something ask! Ask about everything and anything! Even if your lecturer seems fed up, and you’ve asked him the same question a hundred times it doesn’t matter, ask a hundred more!  

Your lecturers are paid to answer your questions, their purpose is to make sure you understand everything that you’re doing to the greatest possible extent.

In fact your lecturer is the divide between you and successful study.

Don’t be mediocre because your ego wants it, be great because your logic demands it. 

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