Interview with Hezron Mainga Muia

Interview with Hezron Mainga Muia

Hezron Mainga Muia, a current student at UNICAF, is sharing his experience of studying with us.

Mr Muia, could you please tell us where you work and what position you have at your company?
I work for the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] in the Gambia as a Database Systems and Capacity Building Specialist.

What are you studying and at which University?
I am studying for an MBA at the University of South Wales.

How was your experience with the application process at UNICAF and did you receive all the information you needed to make an informed decision?
It was very easy to register. The student advisers were very professional and provided very essential information, thus easing the process.

Did you have any difficulties using the online platform?
Not at all. With a strong background in making computer software, I think that your online platform is one of the easiest to use. The induction module was also very essential to ensure nothing was left to chance.

Do you feel that your lecturers are available for you if you need any additional help?
Yes. They even follow-up when they realised that things aren’t going according to plan. They are very approachable. Just drop them an email and the courtesy in the responses will move a mountain.

Has what you learned improved your career?
Definitely. This is the most transformative course I have taken in my life. I am sure that it will fix all that I thought was lost. I am in my first module, yet I feel transformed.

Would you recommend the UNICAF Scholarship Programme and why?
I will definitely. UNICAF Scholarship Programme is a very rewarding scheme. Affordable, quality education, flexible and fully online.

Anyone who understands the inconveniences of traditional classes will never forget UNICAF.