If you are a student or a graduate, we want your voice!

24 NOV 2022 By Unicaf Admin
<strong>If you are a student or a graduate, we want your voice!</strong>

Do you have a way with words and an interest in storytelling? Then, become a student guest blogger and write for the Unicaf blog. Share your experience of what it’s really like to be an online student and give tips and advice to prospective or current students. Become the voice of Unicaf, get your blog published online and feature yourself on our website.

To make it happen, please read the below guidelines that will help you create an engaging, well-written and relevant blog. No need to worry about the topics as we’ve got you covered! As soon as you communicate your interest to us, we will send you a number of topics to choose from and start unraveling your thoughts.

  1. Be Original
    We want you to freely express yourself and share your voice and your perspective. All guest posts should be original and appear only on the Unicaf website.
  2. Be Organised
    Before you sit down and jump into action, prepare yourself. Plan your blog post by creating an outline, conducting research and keeping your ideas on track.
  3. Be Relevant and Valuable
    Provide readers with a compelling, yet useful and informative piece of writing. Through your writing, give answers to some of the students’ questions, enlighten and inform them about the specific topic. Add value to your content by giving useful and unique insights that will help them as students, too.
  4. Be Attractive
    Attract attention to your blog through vivid storytelling. Your words can resonate with other students.  Inspire them to follow your example and advice or simply make them feel good while reading your piece. This is a unique way to connect with others who live miles apart, have similar goals or might come from similar situations.
  5. Be Readable
    The key rules of effective writing are: short sentences and paragraphs, clear structure, captivating headlines, careful use of grammar and spelling, proper punctuation and ideas that flow one after the other.
  6. Be Careful of the Word Limit
    Posts should be between 600 and 1500 words
  7. How to Submit
    Please submit your post as a Word document. Our content team will review your blog and you will be notified via email once accepted. Please note that we may slightly edit your blog post for readability purposes and to fine-tune it for the website.

*Please note that guest blogging is pro bono and won’t be financially compensated

Want to write a student guest blog? Get in touch at guestposting@unicaf.org

We would love to hear from you!