How To File Things Effectively

06 SEP 2015 By Admin
How To File Things Effectively

Ok, so we all know how difficult it is to get organised, often it’s downright impossible but it needs to be done. Different people have different systems but we can assure you that every single one of your methods inevitably fails to remain organised.

What do you do? Split all your files and folders into sections regarding modules?

Or have a different file for each lecturer? How about a general file where everything you’ll need at some point but don’t know when goes in?

All these methods, in our eyes, are good but not great.

You want to be great?

You want to share your organisational skills with the heavyweights? Here’s what you have to do!

You need an ‘alphabet’ filing system (physical or digital); in other words you need 26 master files, all marked with a letter of the alphabet. From there you add files under the corresponding letter, for example:

U > UNICAF > MBA > Strategic Financial Management

or another example

P > Personal > Finances > Receipts

In this way all your files are on hand at any given time; and your files can always be found, no matter where you put them.

Let’s look at another example

R > Reference > Online > Educational Articles

Do you see how this makes everything so much h simpler?

Try it…you won’t regret it!