International Business

Is a degree in International Business worth it?

Business is going international   Are you considering a degree in business? You should bear in mind more, and more companies are going international. Globalisation has made multiple successful companies develop a universal perspective while operating on a global scale. International Business focuses on cross-border transactions of products, services, or resources, between two or more…

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A life-changing opportunity for Mastercard holders

In a quest to transform and advance Education in Africa, Unicaf, the leading online and on-campus learning platform, has partnered with Mastercard to offer its cardholders 75% scholarships for studies at Unicaf partner universities. In today’s modern world, online learning has become an effective alternative to the traditional mode of learning. Hence, Unicaf and Mastercard…

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sustainable development

Is online learning for higher education sustainable?

Without a doubt, online learning offers a flexible and more personalised learning experience for those who cannot attend an on-campus university. However, have you ever considered the contribution of online learning to sustainable development? Read below to find out how responsible education helps the environment.   Let’s clear things up   Sustainability is a buzzword,…

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