Back again with another UNICAF success story!

06 SEP 2015 By Admin
Back again with another UNICAF success story!

This time with the story of Edington Muchokwani; a UNIC online student currently following a Master in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Edington is one of the highest achieving UNICAF students to study with us yet; he has a GPA of 4.0…phenomenal!

Edington clearly states that receiving a UNICAF scholarship is one of the best things that has ever happened to him. He loves the way the modules are put together; especially how they are designed to take a global approach to the subject matter.

‘My studies towards Masters in Educational Leadership & Administration has transformed the way I view Educational Systems and related leadership approaches.’

He’s also thrilled with the unique way that assignments are specifically designed to accommodate the non-campus setting.

‘Using UNICAF’s user-friendly website and portal I have found the modules to be loaded but flexible, conveniently allowing me to balance school with other professional and social commitments.’

He praises the fact that lecturers and fellow students are always on hand to facilitate online discussion and the cross pollination of valid, relevant ideas.

Edington greatly looks forward to applying his new-found knowledge in Zimbabwe, his home country!

If you’re a current UNICAF student we’d love to hear your story so please get in touch.

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