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Unicaf Webinar on Security and Safety of Business Premises Empowers Stakeholders

Press Release
Unicaf Webinar on Security and Safety of Business Premises Empowers Stakeholders

On July 20th, a highly informative and impactful webinar on “Security and Safety of Business Premises” was conducted via Zoom. The webinar was organised by Unicaf in collaboration with the Police

 Senior Command and Staff College Bwebajja, with the objective of addressing the growing concerns about the security and risk environment faced by businesses in Uganda. The event brought together eminent industry experts, key stakeholders, and business owners to share knowledge, insights, and practical solutions to protect business premises from potential risks and losses.

The main speaker and leading authority on the subject, Commandant Kafeero Moses Kabugo, presented a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in handling security challenges. His expertise shed light on the dynamics, growth, and expansion of businesses in Uganda, emphasising the need for robust risk control mechanisms to safeguard enterprises.

In his presentation, Commandant Kafeero Moses Kabugo highlighted the critical role businesses play in mitigating risks and securing their premises. He emphasised that while the Uganda Police Force is committed to providing support, it is ultimately the responsibility of companies and businesses to establish and maintain effective risk control mechanisms. The Uganda Police, in turn, seeks to create awareness and educate businesses on best practices to enhance the security of their premises.

The webinar witnessed active participation from a diverse range of stakeholders in the business landscape, including representatives from:

  • Uganda Law Society, represented by Mr Moses Okwalinga, CEO
  • Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA)
  • Enterprise Uganda (Enterprise Foundation Limited – EUg)
  • Federation of Uganda Employers Association (FUE)
  • Uganda Lawyers Association

Each partner organisation played a crucial role in enriching the discussion and contributing valuable insights to the attendees.

The webinar served as a vital platform to bridge the knowledge gap and foster collaboration among key stakeholders. It facilitated an open dialogue where participants shared their experiences, challenges, and success stories in ensuring the security and safety of their business premises.

The success and impact of the webinar reflect the commitment of Unicaf, the Police Training College, and the participating partner organisations to foster a secure and thriving business ecosystem in Uganda.