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Unicaf University Students Battle it Out at Student Quiz Night

Press Release
Unicaf University Students Battle it Out at Student Quiz Night

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students from Unicaf University in Uganda attended a Student Quiz Night at the University campus in Kampala. The invited students attended with a friend and potential student who expressed an interest in studying for a degree programme with Unicaf University. The Quiz Night was designed to showcase the University campus and also for the students to interact with the team and network with each other.

Once the event was underway and initial introductions were made, a couple of students gave testimonials regarding their positive experience of online studying. A brief history of Unicaf University was also presented for potential students who were unfamiliar with the institution.

The attendees were then divided into four teams of six members per team – Victors, Champion, November and The Anointed. The evening was presided over by the Quiz Master who ran 3 rounds with each round including 10 general knowledge questions to be answered. Between the first and second round, the students were treated to a well-deserved buffet barbeque. 

The final winners, following a fierce battle of wits, was Team November whose members shared a generous shopping voucher of 180,000 Ugandan Shillings. 

About Unicaf University

Unicaf University is a pan-African, independent, BAC accredited university that combines the best elements of international education and offers high-quality academic qualifications. Our scholarship programme has already awarded $100 million worth of scholarships to over 60,000 students worldwide.

Unicaf University in Uganda is accredited by the National Council of Higher Education in Uganda. Furthermore, Unicaf University in Uganda was recently accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as an Independent Higher Education Institution. The Uganda campus features modern infrastructure in a technology-friendly environment and provides an exceptional virtual learning environment.

To learn more about Unicaf University in Uganda, call or send a WhatsApp at 0771 976 750. You can also visit our campus at Plot 53B Ntinda II Road, Naguru.