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Unicaf University Pays Courtesy Call to DEBS of Solwezi

Press Release
Unicaf University Pays Courtesy Call to DEBS of Solwezi

On the 22nd of February, 2023, a team of the Unicaf University staff paid a courtesy call to the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) of Solwezi.

The team was led by Unicaf University Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Lameck Mwewa. The purpose of this meeting was to stimulate a working relationship with the DEBS’ office. The District Education Board Secretary, Mr. Jonathan Kayuka, expressed his gratitude to Unicaf University for the kind gesture.

The DEBS of Solwezi, who is responsible for all public schools in the Solwezi district, expressed desire to develop a long-term working relationship with Unicaf University in Zambia and to plan joint events where all head-teachers and teachers of public schools can go and learn more about the educational programmes that Unicaf University offers.

The aim of the meeting was to get the ball rolling on a new partnership that is sure to benefit both organisations by introducing more programmes in the field of Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology at the Bachelor’s level to equip teachers with subject knowledge to strengthen the STEM education in the area.

The attendees also explored the idea of opening a Unicaf University office in Solwezi, as these organised events are sure to generate significant interest from the students. The idea was proposed in order to allow the students in the area to enrol at Unicaf University in various programmes of choice.

Overall, the call – meant to take place only as an introductory meeting between the two organisations – proved to be a fruitful endeavour for both organisations. The DEBS extended an invitation to Unicaf University to participate in their teachers’ day activities later in the year. Unicaf University is looking forward to working with the DEBS of Solwezi in the near future.