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Unicaf University in Zambia offers career guidance to Baobab College Students

Press Release
Unicaf University in Zambia offers career guidance to Baobab College Students

A career guidance talk was conducted by Unicaf University in Zambia at the prestigious Baobab College just outside of Lusaka. Designed for 13th graders, the talk aimed to motivate students to think about their future in terms of higher education. Since many were undecided about their burgeoning career path the talk turned out to be a timely “nudge” in the right direction.

Unicaf University lecturer Dr Norman Kachamba emphasised the importance of focussing on one’s passion and how to turn that passion towards a vocation. He advised the students to concentrate on developing a career as opposed to simply “finding a job.” 

The students were given tips on identifying degree programmes that they may find interesting and perhaps a subject they may want to further pursue. In addition to the abundance of available programmes, the generous Unicaf Scholarship Programme was also introduced to the students.  

Meanwhile, the importance of attending an internationally recognised university was emphasised. The fact that Unicaf University combines the best elements of online learning through the offering of high-quality academic qualifications was highlighted. 

These career talks are part of Unicaf University’s commitment and ongoing high school engagement campaign with its emphasis on further and higher education. 

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Set on a beautiful green campus, Baobab College offers a world-class education in a first-class environment. An international school for children aged two to eighteen, with outstanding exam results and sporting excellence, Baobab offers a gateway to the world.

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