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Unicaf University in Uganda sponsors Supamamas Mother’s Day Event

Press Release
Unicaf University in Uganda sponsors Supamamas Mother’s Day Event

Supamamas Foundation, in collaboration with esteemed partners African Queen, Nile Breweries, Calidad Images and Unicaf University in Uganda, hosted a remarkable Mother’s Day celebration at the prestigious Kooki Tower Hotel in Kampala. This exclusive event, held on the 14th of May, aimed to honour and celebrate motherhood in style while providing an unforgettable experience for the foundation’s members.

Supamamas Foundation boasts an impressive platform with over 2,000 active members comprising working corporates and businesswomen. The foundation is dedicated to engaging these members through various activities, including career guidance, mentorship, charity drives, and celebrations.

The Mother’s Day celebration proved to be an extraordinary event, filled with elegance and appreciation for the exceptional mothers within the Supamamas community. The event encompassed a delightful luncheon, a glamorous photo session capturing unforgettable memories, and inspiring welcome speeches.

Mrs Bridget Samula, the CEO of Supamamas Foundation, delivered an empowering speech, encouraging women to pursue their educational aspirations and realise their dreams. She took advantage of the opportunity to encourage women to seize the exceptional opportunity offered by Unicaf University. The esteemed institution provides accessible and high-quality education, accompanied with a generous Unicaf scholarship, thus empowering women to pursue their educational aspirations and unlock their full potential.

The Mother’s Day celebration serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Supamamas Foundation and its partners to uplift and empower women. Through their continued efforts, they inspire a community of strong, accomplished women who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.