Unicaf University Forges Transformative Partnership with Project Luangwa

Unicaf University Forges Transformative Partnership with Project Luangwa

Unicaf University in Zambia has taken a significant stride towards community education and empowerment by entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Project Luangwa, a distinguished Community Based Organization (CBO) dedicated to sponsoring children in Zambia’s Eastern Province through primary school, secondary school and university education.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the establishment of an innovative education and sports centre, a visionary initiative by Project Luangwa. The centre aims to provide online Bachelor’s degree programmes, thus reducing costs by eliminating boarding and daily food expenses. This strategic move will enable Project Luangwa to sponsor more children through school at a more affordable rate.

In support of Project Luangwa’s mission to empower the local community through tourism, Unicaf University is extending scholarships of up to 82% to all members associated with the organisation. This partnership exemplifies the shared vision of both entities in advancing education, gender equality and community empowerment in the Luangwa Valley.

Commencing April 2024, Unicaf University will welcome the first cohort of four students from Project Luangwa. These students, pursuing Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Mass Communication, symbolise the beginning of a new chapter in community-driven education initiatives.

Unicaf University in Zambia looks forward to a fruitful collaboration, collectively contributing to the realisation of Project Luangwa’s mission and advancing education as a catalyst for positive change.