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Unicaf Takes Part in Nigeria Fintech Week 2022

Press Release
Unicaf Takes Part in Nigeria Fintech Week 2022

Unicaf recently took part in the 6th Nigeria Fintech Week (NFW) in 2022, which took place at the Landmark Event Center in Victoria Island, Lagos. It was the first NFW to be held physically since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. 

The event, under the title of “Navigating the Next Normal – Sustainable Impacts in Fintech, E-Government and Emerging Technologies”, was opened by a speech by the President of FinTech Nigeria, Mr Ade Bajomo. In his speech, Mr Bajomo outlined the topics that the event would make an effort to discuss seriously, including poverty, economic growth and digital inclusion in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Fintech Week, NFW is the biggest industry event in Africa which births key innovations, strategic partnerships and ecosystem transformations, it has been revolutionary in galvanizing and building the FinTech industry across Africa, stimulating indigenous creativity to solve Africa’s tech challenges, removing cross-border barriers to FinTech operations and fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders.

With over 10 thousand attendees from 50 different countries, the event hopes to advance thought leadership, expand business & professional networks, help attendees interact and learn from thought leaders & respected top industry icons, product acquisition/promotion, brand exposure & publicity, fast-track customer acquisition, co-create solutions off the event, foster new partnerships B2B and B2C, as well as increase media interviews and appearances.

Overall, the event was a resounding success and Unicaf is incredibly proud to have been an exhibitor and to have been able to offer its state-of-the-art virtual learning solutions. Unicaf was also able to promote its internationally recognised British Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to the attendees. It was invaluable to improve such an innovative ecosystem to help promote “brain gain” and try to minimise the amount of “brain drain” through the Unicaf Scholarship Programme.

For more information or any queries, please contact our marketing or public relations department at 07000111000.