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Unicaf and Nation Media Group Join Forces to Promote Young Reader Development in Kenya

Press Release
Unicaf and Nation Media Group Join Forces to Promote Young Reader Development in Kenya

Unicaf  has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Nation Media Group to champion the “Newspapers in Education” (NiE) initiative in Kenya. This collaboration seeks to improve literacy, cultivate a reading culture among children, and create social awareness and good citizenship through newspaper reading.

The Nation Media Group’s NiE programme, rooted in its commitment to education and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), aims to create value for stakeholders and positively influence society. As part of this initiative, learning resources are provided through the Daily Nation’s Junior Spot and Highschooler magazine every Monday, as well as Taifa Leo from Monday to Saturday. 

In a remarkable demonstration of their commitment to education and community development, Unicaf, in collaboration with the Nation Media Group, organised a Newspaper in Education event at Nairobi Primary School as part of their corporate social responsibility programme. The event saw enthusiastic participation from Unicaf staff, Unicaf students, Nation Media staff, parents’ representatives, teachers, and board members.

The launch of the school newspaper, in partnership with the Nation Media Group, marked a significant milestone for Nairobi Primary School. It underscored the school’s dedication to nurturing journalism skills and promoting responsible reporting among its students. This partnership has opened up new horizons for students, offering them access to valuable resources in the form of newspapers, mentorship opportunities, and real-world experience in journalism.

This partnership reflects Unicaf’s ongoing commitment to making quality education accessible to all and Nation Media Group’s dedication to promoting education and civic engagement. Together, they are forging a brighter future for the children of Kenya and fostering a culture of learning and responsibility.