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Unicaf and FADLCARDA Organise CSR Event

Press Release
Unicaf and FADLCARDA Organise CSR Event

Unicaf recently co-organised an exciting and fun-filled CSR event at Kenyatta National Hospital in December.

The CSR was organised by Unicaf and the Fadlcarda Leukaemia Foundation (FLF), an NGO in Kenya and around East Africa, committed to educating the masses about cancer. The event took place in the early hours of the morning, where the staff of Unicaf, the FLF and Kenyatta hospital, as well as 30 volunteers, walked around the wards, visiting children and their parents and presenting them with gift hampers.

Each hamper contained nappies, sanitary pads, stationary items (including a sketch pad, crayons, a pencil and eraser), miscellaneous fruit, a 5 litre reusable water bottle, a thermometer that the families could take home after discharge from the ward, an assortment of toys, a set of toiletries, and some yoghurt. 

After all the gifts were handed out, the children and parents were asked to move to the play area, where dance music was played and where two large Mickey Mouse mascots, hired to entertain the children, revealed themselves to the children’s surprise and elation. 

The goal of this event was to put a smile on the children’s faces, to take them out of the day-to-day struggle they have to face in the cancer ward.  The Co-founder of the FLF, Mrs Jimia Abdul, said, “[w]e believe that a smile a day keeps the cancer fears away,” and Unicaf Marketing and Communications Manager, Winnie Rachel, added, “In these wards lie broken dreams and shattered parents. I am proud of Unicaf, as a foundation, for going above and beyond to make these children’s lives that little bit happier.”

The event was a heartwarming success, and the Kenyatta Hospital was incredibly grateful for the initiative. Unicaf hopes to be able to continue to spread smiles and hope and is excited to return in the near future.