Unicaf essay competition with cash prizes up to 500 USD!

Unicaf invites all Bachelor degree holders in Egypt under the age of 35 to participate in the essay competition:

“Is online learning the future of education?”

The competition closes on the 30th of July and the authors of the three best essays will win the following prizes:

First winner500 USD

Second winner300 USD

Third winner200 USD

To participate in the competition you must write an essay in the English language, presenting your personal views and creative ideas on the competition’s topic. Your essay should not exceed in length of three A4 pages, with size 12 fonts and 1,5 spacing. Please remember that plagiarism is an offence and will lead to your entry being disqualified. All sources of non-original material must be duly credited.


  • At the top of your entry paper write your namegenderagecityemail address and telephone number.
  • Your essay must not exceed three A4 typed pages, using size 12 fonts and 1.5 spacing.
  • You should avoid plagiarism and copying unnamed sources. All non-original material must be duly credited, otherwise the entry will be disqualified from the competition.*
  • Participants must submit a copy of their CV.
  • The Unicaf essay competition is open to all Bachelor degree holders, up to the age of 35, living in Egypt.
Participants must submit their essays, together with their CVs, via email to competition@egypt.unicaf.org before the deadline of the competition on the 30th of July.
Essay Competition EG

The winners will be announced in the press and social media. The Unicaf team will contact them to arrange the delivery of their prizes.

Unicaf is in partnership with the following universities:

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For more information about the competition please call Unicaf Egypt office, at +202-33379546, open Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 to 17:00 or send an email to competition@egypt.unicaf.org

* Please note that plagiarism is an offence and entries including material copied from other sources will be disqualified. You can quote others in your essay by expressly indicating such quotations. You should express your own opinions and ideas on whether online learning is the future of education.