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Passing the bar and holding a first degree in legal studies from a great school has stopped being an automatic ticket to finding a dream job with any reputable law firm in the country today. The reason for this is simple; law firms tend to keep existing staff on long-term coaching contracts while leaving little or no room for aspiring practitioners, as vacancies are easily filled up, with very qualified learned colleagues. This leaves us with the only option of exploring new opportunities. And with that comes the need to consider doing a Master of Laws.

Every major market transformation has a strong base in the effectiveness with which goods and services are exchanged. This could be either from business to customer, business to business, business to business to consumer, etc. Today, more businesses can now penetrate areas with limited business reach, including rural areas through an effective supply chain system.

Most people think only of hotels and restaurants when they speak of hospitality. However, in reality, the term pays homage to a broader scope in the definition. A degree in hospitality management opens up a variety of career options for graduates and professionals. The Hospitality industry caters to several fields like tourism, hotels, restaurants, event management, luxury brand management, or any other business-related service management. 

Unicaf proudly announces the commencement of a new partnership with the University of Suffolk in the UK. Under the partnership, Unicaf is a global delivery partner of the University of Suffolk, UK, which recruits, admits, enrolls and supports online learners to University awards approved for distance online delivery. On successful completion, graduates will receive a University of Suffolk award.

A Master in Public Administration (MPA) has proven to be a very valuable asset for professionals in the private and public sectors globally. Although the degree may have some speciality, the application of the viable skills acquired during the course-work for the degree may find application in several arms of local and global industries. Professionals in the private and public sectors can readily benefit from this degree as it opens a pathway of great opportunities in career development, enhancement, and growth in business.

  You just saw a job you feel suits your qualifications and are sure you have a shot. Problem is, you do not have a CV yet. You have already checked out templates online but you want something customised. Don’t worry; we have provided the solution you’re looking for. A good CV provides a detailed description of your past, current professional skills, proficiency, and experiences. Its main aim is to prove that you are capable of doing the job you are applying for. Here is how to write a CV and 6 important considerations to guide you when writing your…

Own your journey is a phrase used to encourage you to take charge of your career’s destiny. A key trait quality of anyone with the intention of succeeding in their career is a strong desire to own their journey. owning their career journey. It means being responsible for your decisions, achievements, and even mistakes. At the end of the day, your career will only be a summation of your efforts and input. Here are 5 ways to own your journey and make it all count.