Online learning has revolutionised higher education. As an online student you are able to learn at your own weekly schedule, study wherever it is most convenient, and keep your job, or continue to care for your family.

Once you become a student, we will support you with all the queries relating to your studies until your graduation.

Highlights of Online Learning

  • What exactly is online-learning?

    With online-learning, or online education, you can have several advantages. Three of the main differences are that you can study whenever it suits your schedule, from anywhere and for a fraction of the costs of an on-campus degree programme. You receive all the study material you need online and interact through the online platform with your tutors.

  • Who can benefit from online-learning?

    Whether you are a school leaver just starting your career, someone with family obligations, or a professional with a busy schedule, you can take advantage of it. But online-learning is not just convenient; it also becomes an integral part of a successful career. In the past, a student earned the knowledge that lasted a lifetime at the beginning. Today, according to the Financial Times, with the fast pace of progress, it is essential to stay on top of new developments. Furthermore, gaining knowledge combined with on-the-job experience can give your career an additional boost.

  • Communication

    Through online-learning, you can be in constant touch with your tutors. While on-campus studies restrict interaction to a few hours per week, the ability to ask for clarification or advice anytime can greatly improve your understanding of the subject matter.

  • Networking

    The virtual learning environment (VLE) lets you communicate with your fellow students. Whether you need feedback or want to discuss a subject, your colleagues are by your side.

  • Resources

    No longer do you have to create a library of hefty books. All you need – research papers, e-books, videos, presentations – are readily available online through the VLE. All just a few clicks or touches away.

  • Help

    In case of any questions or issues, whether it is related to the studies, the VLE, payments, or more, you can take advantage of Unicaf’s Student Live Chat Service. You receive assistance within moment, without having to make appointments or wait until office hours.

  • Easy sign-up

    You can easily sign up online, within minutes. A student adviser will then contact you, discuss all the details, help you with the application process and answer any questions you may have. Simply fill in the form below and get started on this life-changing opportunity today.

How Unicaf’s VLE works:

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