The Role of Performance Management in achieving organizational effectiveness and efficiency


The main objective of the study is to establish the role of performance management in achieving organizational effectiveness and efficiency with a keen specific focus of evaluating the following: determine the impact of employee job performance definition towards achievement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency; evaluate how employee performance appraisal contributes to the achievement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency; assess the contribution of employees training on achieving organizational effectiveness and efficiency; and analyze how employee participation influences the achievement of organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Performance Management is defined as a continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing performance in organizations by linking each individual’s performance and objectives to the organization’s overall mission and goals. On the other hand, organizational effectiveness is defined as the efficiency with which an association is able to meet its objectives and goals. As a rationale, this study intends to create a more understanding and strengthen academic research in the area of management science with a keen focus on how performance management influence or contribute to the achievement of the organizational effectiveness and efficiency. This study intends to answer the statement of this research problem: what is the role of performance management in achieving organizational effectiveness and efficiency.’ This study will adopt a study methodology of a systemic empirical review of literature from research published articles on the area of performance management in relation to how it helps achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Given this approach, the study will collect and summarize relevant empirical evidence from literature that fits the context of this study based on the approach of harvesting secondary data and statistics from already validated scientific research sources for a generalization to help conclude a report of this study. For purposes of understanding and explaining the problem of the research better, the study therefore will use a scientific management theory. When it comes to date evaluation, discussion and conclusion, the study adopted an evaluation based on empirical review of the secondary data already harvested from the previous scientific research studies for generalization. Based on the empirically reviewed and discussed data, the study concludes in the end that performance management elements reviewed under the study help to achieve the organizational effectiveness and efficiency by significantly influencing the positive improvement on the indicators of organizational effectiveness.

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Public Administration
performance management, organisational effectiveness
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Michael S.R. Denadi
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13 October 2021 14:48