The impact of performance management system on service delivery: A case study of the public service commission of Namibia


Performance management is an essential tool meant to improve organizational performance both in the public and private sectors. In order to realise the effectiveness of performance management for improving organisational performance, organisations develop and implement a performance management system (PMS). PMS becomes a strategic approach to transform the organisational culture of the public institution; the system integrates the management of organizational and individual performance, with a focus on the contribution of individual employee performance to the overall organizational performance. The Namibian Public Service Commission introduced a PMS for improving the performance of employees which in turn realises the improvement of public service delivery. However, the continued poor service delivery of the public sector has created negative public impressions of PMS. Therefore, this study analysed the impact of performance management system on public service delivery in the Public Service Commission of Namibia. The analysis was based on the secondary research involving the review of the studies done by other researchers on performance management system and practices in the public sector institutions in Namibia to identify the gaps and challenges associated with public service delivery. Thematic qualitative data analysis approach was used in this study and analyse published content of the impact of the PMS on performance and service delivery. The results showed that Namibia has developed, adopted and implemented the PMS. Results also showed that the PMS was not successful in achieving the desired outcomes. Following the results, the study concluded that the PMS and the PM practices of all the Namibian public sector institutions as a group have failed to improve employees’ performance and service delivery. From the results and conclusions, the Public Service Commission of Namibia and other related stakeholders are recommended to adapt the PMS continue the groundwork to address the prevailing dilemma of strategic planning and set clear and realistic goals. Furthermore, it is recommended employees must be engaged and involved when designing and implementing the PMS.

Item Type: 
Public Administration
performance management system, public service commission, Namibia
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Emilia Niita Nakashona
Date Deposited: 
24 September 2021 08:17