Path-Goal Leadership Mediation Model To Investigate The Impact Of Cross-Culture On Project Team Effectiveness In The Nigerian Oil And Gas Industry

Oghenethoja Monday Umuteme FINAL thesis


This study was conducted in Nigeria with participants from the oil and gas industry to address a research gap pertaining to project delays and failures. It aimed to enhance collaboration between project leaders and team members by investigating factors influencing project team performance. The study underscored the importance of comprehending the interaction among cross-cultural aspects, leadership behaviour, organizational culture, and team effectiveness within project teams.

Utilizing a quantitative research approach, the study employed structural equation modeling to develop a leadership model. Field data analysis employed statistical techniques including descriptive statistics, regression, correlation, path coefficient analysis, and model fit analysis. To ensure objectivity, participants were chosen through a blind selection process conducted by gatekeepers, and inclusion criteria validity was confirmed via the survey instrument. Three active project sites were deliberately sampled, being the only ongoing projects during the study.

While the primary thesis posited that project leadership mediates the connection between cross-cultural dimensions and team effectiveness, moderated by organizational culture, a posteriori findings mostly supported this, though with limited evidence of organizational culture’s moderating effect. The study highlighted distinctiveness between cross-culture and organizational culture as cultural constructs. It investigated team members’ readiness to embrace various cross- cultural dimensions, particularly low uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation.

This research emphasized the significance of multidisciplinary skills, motivational leadership, team size, knowledge sharing, and adaptability. Addressing criticism of the Path- Goal theory, which implies follower dependence through supportive leadership, the study countered with evidence of a robust socializing process. It provided insights into effective team composition and identified potential avenues for future research. The study’s findings contribute to enhancing the performance of project team and promoting better collaboration between project leaders and team members.

Item Type: 
Doctoral thesis
Unicaf University - Zambia
Leadership Mediation; Project Team Effectiveness; Organizational Culture; Cross- Cultural Dimensions; Structural Equation Modelling
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Oghenethoja Monday Umuteme
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11 June 2024 13:39