How Hospital Management Operational & Strategic Skills Affect Health Care Output Quality


The paper examines the extent to which operational and strategic planning skills of managers affect the quality of healthcare outputs. The healthcare output measurables include mortality and morbity rates. Poor healthcare output quality translates to high morbidity and mortality rates. Managers being designers of organizational structures and developers of policies and procedures and processes, the depth and width of their knowledge on the subject may affect the outcomes either positively or negatively. From a study of five, it is reasonable to generalise that the management skills affect the healthcare output quality. Managers with good operational and strategic plannings skills can better develop and monitor and evaluate their processes for better healthcare output quality. Such managers can better receive feedback and utilize it for continual improvement of their services. Managers with operational and strategic skills can better decide on such factors as organizational culture, leadership style, organizational designs and information management that best suit the organizational needs and abilities for best outcome results.

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Public Health Management
Hospital management, strategic skills, health care
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Gaofenngwe Justice Laetsang
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07 September 2022 09:19