Ethics and Government: A Case Study of Emerging Hybrid E-Government in Nigeria


Ethics is a key ingredient for a successful public entity. Hybrid E-Government is revolutionizing and reinventing government throughout the globe, building back trust, transparency and fairness in the way public sector is administered. An examination of secondary data was undertaken to see if there is a correlation between e-government systems and ethics in the public sector. The study found a nexus between Hybrid E-Government and ethics in government. E-Government is not a panacea for corruption, rather it has a mitigating impact while re-inventing government, building back trust and engenders best practices. The study concluded that the introduction of hybrid e-government systems in Nigeria could help to improve the ethical behavior inside public entities. It can engender transparency, fairness, ethical and moral standards, and ease of doing government business in Nigeria.

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Public Administration
government, E-government, ethics
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Jovita Chijioke-Eze
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08 September 2022 17:42