Enhanced Burnout Reduction Model And Guidelines For Three Layered Burnout Interventions

Katarina Gaborova FINAL thesis

This study developed comprehensive guidelines for a three-layered intervention and an enhanced burnout reduction model called INVIGORATE. Both serving as valuable tools in clinical and organizational contexts by applying a two-step strategy. The first step involving a comprehensive assessment of individual risk and protective factors. The second step, targetting interventions tailored to address identified risk factors, following recommendations from the INVIGORATE card deck. This method yields beneficial consequences for personal health, team interactions, corporate culture, and the wider societal well-being. Employing a qualitative phenomenological research approach, applying triangulation by integrating data interpretation through the lenses of five established theories: the Job Demands Resources Model, the Conservation of Resources model, the Job Demand- Control Model, the Transactional model, and the Work-life model. In addition, incorporating previous burnout interventions research. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 40 burnout reduction experts. Study population consisted of psychologists, HR professionals, physiotherapists, and general practitioners, who were purposively selected through non- probability convenience sampling. Experts shared their perspectives on the most efficient burnout reduction interventions through open-ended questions. Thematic analysis of the qualitative non-numerical data was performed using NVivo software. Through the triangulation the enhanced burnout reduction model; INVIGORATE and three-layered 43- piece card deck guidelines were developed. Overall, offerring suggestions to protect well- being and reduce burnout. The results underscored the complexity of addressing burnout and cautioned against a one-size-fits-all approach. The Invigorate model offers guidelines that explain burnout protective and risk factor processes and provides implications for practice, policy, and further research.

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Doctoral thesis
Unicaf University - Zambia
Burnout; the Job Demand-Control Model; Conservation of resources theory; Interventions, Assessment; the Job-Demands-Resources Model; Worklife Model; The Transactional Model; Card-deck, Invigorate model, Interventions’ guidelines
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Katarina Gaborova
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11 June 2024 00:00