Causes And Impacts Of The Scarcity Of Science And Mathematics Teachers On Education In Tanzanian Secondary Schools

Josephine Mremi FINAL thesis

This study examined the reasons and the impacts of the scarcity of mathematics and sciences trainers on education in Tanzanian secondary schools. The goals of the current research were to uncover the causes of the shortage of mathematics and science trainers in secondary schools and their effects on these schools.

The study used a mixed-methods research approach. To be able to collect quantitative data, questionnaires were employed, and to gather qualitative information from the common people at the grassroots, interview questions were used. The data were examined using percentage frequencies as well as thematic data analysis.

Moreover, students’ performance and passion for learning science and mathematics are affected to some extent by the lack of scientific and mathematical teachers in secondary schools, which alters their decision to pursue studies in the arts rather than these courses. The research also showed that a scarcity of graduates in mathematics and scientific subjects, students’ preference for scientific-related careers, students’ avoidance of studying science and math, the unemployment rate in the nation, and insufficient educational facilities were all contributing causes of the shortage of science and math teachers.

The study found that the effects of a lack of scientific and mathematical teachers included poor performance, a dearth of graduates in those fields, students who showed little interest in those disciplines, and a high teacher-to-student ratio. Other factors were the beliefs of students that math and science were difficult to study, students asking for help from outside the classroom, as well as unfinished syllabi. The study also discovered a cyclical relationship between the causes and consequences of teacher shortages in science and mathematics on education in secondary school performance in Tanzania.

The study recommended that every stakeholder involved in education plays a part in addressing Tanzania’s secondary schools’ impact on the lack of science and math instructors. Also, the use of the blueprint may elevate the teaching profession and alleviate the insufficient number of teachers in math and science subjects.

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Science, Mathematics, Scarcity, Impacts, and Tanzania.
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Josephine Donald Mremi
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29 September 2023 14:47