University of East London

MSc Business Psychology*

This programme aims to provide the foundation for students wishing to become practising

business psychologists. Graduates are expected to have gained a thorough understanding of the discipline of business psychology, and to have developed awareness and competence in practical and professional practice. Attention is given to imparting thorough knowledge of research methods and data analysis and to the development of a critical and reflective approach.




* Subject to validation


Course Code Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
UEL-IND-M-100 Induction Module 0.00
Postgraduate Certificate Level
UEL-GC-7413 Assessing & Developing People in the Workplace 30.00
UEL-GC-7412 Health and Wellbeing at Work 30.00
Postgraduate Diploma Level
UEL-GC-7414 Work Design, Organisational Change and Development 30.00
UEL-GC-7415 Leading, Engaging and Motivating People at Work 30.00
Postgraduate Award Level
UEL-GC-7416 Developing as a Researcher Part 1 30.00
UEL-GC-7417 Developing as a Researcher Part 2 30.00

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