University of East London

MSc Data Science*

Designed to develop knowledge and research skills in Data Science, an understanding of the ecology within which a Data Scientist operates and professional skills in Data Science techniques, the programme also fosters

reflective and analytic approaches in work-based practice and research.


Graduates are expected to be able to analyse and critically evaluate projects and research outputs in Data Science, and to have a critical understanding of the data value chain in professional settings.


* Subject to validation


Course Code Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
UEL-IND-M-100 Induction Module 0.00
Postgraduate Certificate Level
UEL-DS-7001 Mental Wealth: Professional Life (Data Ecology) 30.00
UEL-DS-7006 Quantitative Data Analysis 30.00
Postgraduate Diploma Level
UEL-DS-7002 Spatial Data Analysis 30.00
UEL-DS-7003 Advanced Decision Making: Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning 30.00
Postgraduate Award Level
UEL-DS-7010 Data Science Dissertation 60.00

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