University of East London

MSc Big Data Technologies*

Graduates of the programme are expected to have a comprehensive and critical understanding of all concepts and activities for large-scale data analytics and to demonstrate expertise in Big Data Analytics and research applications, projects, and Machine Leaning Techniques for extracting big insights and unique knowledge from Big Data stores.


The programme aims to develop a critical understanding of complex computing application areas. Graduates are expected to be able to apply their skills in advanced topics, such as cloud computing and security aspects.


* Subject to validation


Course Code Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
UEL-IND-M-100 Induction Module 0.00
Postgraduate Certificate Level
UEL-CN-7014 Security Management 30.00
UEL-CN-7031 Big Data Analytics 30.00
Postgraduate Diploma Level
UEL-CN-7026 Cloud Computing 30.00
UEL-CN-7030 Machine Learning on Big Data 30.00
Postgraduate Award Level
UEL-CN-7000 Mental Wealth; Professional Life (Dissertation) 60.00

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