Liverpool John Moores University

Master of Science in International Public Health

An improvement in population health is increasingly recognized internationally as a key element of economic and social development and nowhere is this more evident than in emerging countries with growing economies. This course provides a broad-based understanding of health and its social and environmental determinants with a curriculum informed by key international strategies, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Social Determinants of Health. The focus of this programme is to facilitate the development of public health practitioners; to enhance their knowledge and skills required for public health practice in their local setting. In addition, to develop a public health mindset and approach which is relevant to their role and country. LMIC’s are increasingly challenged with a double burden of disease; whilst still fighting infectious diseases they are now increasingly faced with the growth in non- communicable diseases (NCD’s). Tackling these burdens require a robust evidence base built on sound research, surveillance and intelligence; policy and strategic approaches based on the evidence; health protection measures and health promotion activities at the community level. This programme will introduce these core areas of public health and enable you to apply them to your setting.



Course Code Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
LJMU-IND-M-100 Induction Module 0.00
Postgraduate Certificate Level
LJMU-7500-PUBUNI Public Health: Policy and Practice 20.00
LJMU-7502-PUBUNI International Health and Development 20.00
LJMU-7501-PUBUNI Public Health Epidemiology, Intelligence and Health Protection 20.00
Postgraduate Diploma Level
LJMU-7503-PUBUNI Global Health 20.00
LJMU-7504- PUBUNI Health Improvement 20.00
LJMU-7505-PUBUNI Research Methods 20.00
Postgraduate Award Level
LJMU-7506-PUBUNI Dissertation Project 60.00

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