Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)

Educational Aims of the Programme
 To develop informed, knowledgeable, outstanding teachers, espousing creativity and research-informed teaching through deliberate practice;
 To develop students' critical reflection and reflexivity within the field of education and schooling, through analysis, synthesis and evaluation of evidence, theory and practice;
 To enable students to access, assess and effectively apply educational research, advanced scholarship and new insights from the discipline of education (and other related disciplines) in the classroom;
 To develop an understanding of the factors that influence effective, inclusive curriculum design and pedagogy and impact on pupils/learners;
 To provide opportunity for students to achieve their full academic potential at Level 7, through study encouraging self-motivation, self-awareness and application of initiative
 To encourage professional accountability informed by an understanding of evidence based practice;

(*) subject to validation

Target award Learning Outcomes - Postgraduate Certificate
A student successfully completing the programme of study will have acquired the following subject knowledge and understanding as well as skills and other attributes.

A student who is eligible for this award will be able to:
1. Evaluate learning, teaching and assessment in order to inform planning and promote pupil progress
2. Critically analyse and synthesize contemporary educational issues, and educational theory, principles, policy and practice
3. Demonstrate professional accountability and reflective, evidence informed practice
4. Critique and synthesize evidence from a range of sources to inform practitioner inquiry

5. Implement methods of inquiry and reflexivity to investigate, develop and improve practice
6. Evidence ability to support and promote pupil/learner experience through mentoring others and leading practice
7. Design, plan and evaluate effective and inclusive curriculum experiences and pedagogies, drawing on a range of contemporary sources


Course Code Course Title
LJMU-IND-M-100 Induction Module
LJMU-7001-EDUI Critical Reflection and Developing Practice
LJMU-7002-EDUI Theories and Principles in Education, Teaching and Learning
LJMU-7003-EDUI Inclusive Pedagogy and Evidencing Impact on Learners