Master of Arts in Leadership in Education

Educational aims of the programme

-Expand critical understanding in the area of Leadership in Education through learning based on critical
engagement with current education theory, research, policy and practice
- Develop critical educational practice through analysis of reflection on and engagement with this knowledge and
understanding in their professional settings
- Develop professionally and personally through learning programmes at Masters level
- Conduct original research in their educational setting around an aspect of leadership in education
- To provide opportunity for students to achieve their full academic potential at level 7 through study,
encouraging self motivation, self awareness and application of initiative.
- To develop students with leadership acumen for current and future educational contexts.

 Learning Outcomes - Master of Arts
A student successfully completing the programme of study will have acquired the following subject knowledge
and understanding as well as skills and other attributes.
A student who is eligible for this award will be able to:
1. Critically evaluate the existing theory and evidence base associated with leadership in education.
2. Critically examine research methodologies relevant to the study of leadership in education.
3. Synthesise current and original concepts for the creation and interpretation of knowledge in relation to
leadership in education.
4. Apply relevant knowledge of leadership and management to a range of complex educational situations.
5. Critically assess current practice relating to leadership in education.
6. Evaluate the rigour and validity of published research within different educational contexts.
7. Apply appropriate research methodologies and data collection processes to inform the critical analysis of and
reflection on practice.
8. Critical reflection on value systems and conceptual assumptions.
9. The preparation of a research project based on a study in appropriate depth of a topic related to leadership in
10. Gather, present, interpret and analyse quantitate and /or qualitative data in appropriate from for research
project purposes, related to the field of leadership in education.



Course Code Course Title
LJMU-IND-M-100 Induction Module
LJMU-7501-MALED Learning at Masters Level
LJMU-7502-MALED Leading Change
LJMU-7503-MALED Leading Effective Teams
LJMU-7505-MALED Developing Critical Professional Practice
LJMU-7504-MALED Contemporary Issues in Education
LJMU-7506-MALED Research Design
LJMU-7507-MALED Research Project