MSc Public Health

The MSc Public Health is a challenging and rewarding programme designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to public health for students who intend to pursue careers in public 
health practice, management and/or research at local, national and/or supranational levels.

The core focus of the programme is on improving the health and wellbeing of populations, preventing health problems before they occur and reducing inequalities in health. It offers a cutting-edge 
knowledge and skills base in the principles and methods of public health and a creative and supportive learning environment. It explores a broad range of contemporary public health issues, 
supported by leading experts in the field of public health as well as the experiences of  other students sharing  diverse experiences from a range of  public health
systems around the world.

This programme is composed of nine mandatory modules and is designed as a progressive process where the modules collectively work together to provide the knowledge, skills and understanding required by the modern public health practitioner, whether that be as an epidemiologist, health promoter, leader or researcher.   


Course Code Course Title
UOS-IND-M-100 Induction Module
UPGPBHM01 Principles of Public Health
UPGPBHM02 Health Promotion
UPGPBHM03 Epidemiology
UPGPBHM04 Research Methods: Evidence-based Practice in Public Health
UPGPBHM05 Health Economics
UPGPBHM06 Health Protection
UPGPBHM07 Public Health Leadership
UPGPBHM08 Research Project 1: Global Health
UPGPBHM09 Research Project 2: Proposal Design and Dissemination