Master of Science in Healthcare Management

Programme Aims and Objectives

During this course, students will be able to study basic principles within the Healthcare sector and acquire significant skills and knowledge in order to become successful as well as run managerial positions in the health sector.

The course will enable students to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to advance in international organizations and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions.

Aims of the Programme
The course aims to:
1. Produce skilled executives on Administration and Health Economics. Specifically, it covers a wide range of knowledge and skills that are now considered necessary by health professionals to address current problems of administration and finance, both in design and planning and management of health services.
2. The program provides expertise and technical skills and enhances the analysis of strategies, measures and actions aimed at developing the health sector within the broader context of social policy.
3. The program has an interdisciplinary basis, focusing on Management and Health Economics (hospital administration, human resources, total quality management, financing and planning of health services, economic evaluation), but also negotiation and basic subjects in the fields of Public Health of Epidemiology, Sociology of Health and Sanitary Engineering.

Objectives of the Programme
1. Provide all the necessary skills to the graduates in order to become successful health care professionals and be able to function efficiently within the health sector
2. The programme also enables students to become technically aware of issues regarding healthcare and enriches their ability to analyse strategies and decisions made when developing healthcare units and their social policy
3. Students will be also able to develop skills in the management of health care units as well as the administration of such units to function successfully in managerial positions within the Healthcare sector.


Course Code Course Title
UU-Msc-IND100-ZM Induction Module
UU-FNT-203-ZM Introduction to Master Degree
UU-MHM-520-ZM Health Systems and Evaluation of Health Systems, Services and Public Health Programmes
UU-MHM-530-ZM Introduction to Management Health Services and Human Resources in Health Organizations
UU-MHM-510-ZM Health Quality Management
UU-MHM-550-ZM Operational Management and Marketing in Health Organizations
UU-MHM-540-ZM Epidemiology and Public Health
UU-MHM-580-ZM Health Information Systems
UU-MHM-590-ZM Social and Behavioural Aspects of Health Management – Health Law and Ethical Issues
UU-MHM-570-ZM Research Methodology
UU-MHM-595-ZM Dissertation