Master of Science in Web Design and Development

Programme Aims and Objectives
During this course, students will be able to study basic principles within the Web Design world and become fully equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge so as to become
successful web designers and developers.

The course will enable students to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to advance in international organizations and achieve positive results when operating in executive positions.

Aims of the Programme
The course aims to:
1. To equip students with a professional level of competence in web design and content management;
2. To provide students with the opportunity of creating a live website and to measure its success;
3. To help students become familiar with the growing and fast-evolving body of knowledge within the web design discipline.

Objectives of the Programme
1. Enable students to become successful web designers/developers and strive to excellence in the digital world.
2. Apply all principles and theories into practice in real-life situations
3. Introduce students to the rapidly changing world and become successful professionals in the Web Design/Development industry.


Course Code Course Title
UU-Msc-IND100-ZM Induction Module
UU-FNT-203-ZM Introduction to Master Degree
UU-MWD-500-ZM Design for Web Content
UU-MWD-510-ZM Content Management
UU-MWD-520-ZM Applied Art for the Web
UU-MWD-630-ZM User Experience Design
UU-MWD-640-ZM Social Media and SEO
UU-MWD-650-ZM Programming and Scripting
UU-MWD-760-ZM Cyber Security
UU-MWD-770-ZM Web Technologies
UU-MWD-780-ZM Project