Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The BSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics offers its students expertise in all aspects of supply chain management, and enables them to specialize in a number of methods and techniques regarding the theoretical as well as the technical part of the industry. Students are able to study in depth all significant areas in supply chain management and develop the required understanding in order to be successful in this sector.

Programme rationale

The design of the programme is meant to fill in any gaps in the specific demand from industry in order to meet the need of upskilling current personnel. The particular sector of studies is a representation of results in a close, respectful, responsive and productive collaboration with a number of industry sections locally and internationally.

Educational aims/key skills

The objectives of the programme are the following:

1.      To identify the fundamental theories and concepts and methods that inform supply chain management within a variety of organisational settings and in a variety of disciplines.

2.      To demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of specialised areas pertaining to different supply chain functions.

3.      To display specialised technical, analytical and creative skills which are fundamental to problem solving and decision making.

4.      To apply knowledge in a variety of enterprise settings.

5.      To transfer and apply skills developed to a range of situations including the workplace and further study.

6.      To cultivate skills in problem identification, research design, data analysis and problem solving and exploit those skills to enhance innovation and facilitate process optimization.


Course Code Course Title
UU-FNT-103 Introduction to Bachelor Degree
UU-BA-IND100 Induction Module
UU-MAN-1110-MW Management
UU-MAN-1120-MW Operations Management
UU-SCM-1200-MW Introduction to Supply Chain Management
UU-SCM-1310-MW The Global Economic Environment
UU-COM-1010-MW Introduction to Information Technology
UU-SCM-2100-MW Quality Management
UU-MTH-2000-MW Statistics
UU-BBA-2020-MW Strategy
UU-SCM-2210-MW Management and Leadership
UU-BBA-2012-MW Organizational Behaviour
UU-SCM-3100-MW Purchasing and Supply Management
UU-SCM-3200-MW Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Forecasting
UU-SCM-3310-MW Decision Tools for Supply Chains Management and Logistics
UU-SCM-3110-MW Supply Chains Planning and Inventory Control
UU-SCM-3400-MW Principles of Transportation
UU-SCM-4010-MW Facilities Management
UU-SCM-4100-MW Advanced Frameworks and Models in SCM
UU-SCM-4200-MW Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management
UU-SCM-4400-MW Strategic Supply Chain Management
UU-MAN-4500-MW Performance Management