MA Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching)

The MA Education & LNA is a flexible programme, designed to meet the professional needs of individual learners.  The different pathways are “home” to a group of specialist modules but the pathways do not have exclusive claim on these modules – they are used where appropriate by other pathways either as part of the core curriculum or as options within the curriculum for that pathway.  Indeed sometimes the modules shown as belonging to a particular pathway may have more students from other pathways enrolled on them. 

Educational Aims

  • To widen the options available to participants and encourage in-depth development of personal and professional areas of interest.
  • To enable participants to identify, design and carry out research activities which include opportunities for considerable self-direction.
  • To contribute to the body of knowledge and understanding relevant to education.


Course Code Course Title
USW-IND-101 Induction Module
ED4U024 Developing Learning in Organisations
ED4U032 SEN/ALN: Contexts and Concepts
ED4U023 Developing Digital Competence
ED4U016 Innovation in Curriculum Design
ED4U009 Research Methodology
ED4U008 Dissertation