University of South Wales

MSc Public Health

Educational Aim

The course aims are:

To enable students to apply the generic theoretical and practice principles of public health to their environmentally and culturally unique international and UK working contexts;

To provide students with the mechanisms to advocate, enable and mediate change in the area of public health.

Learning Outcomes

A1   A critical understanding of how quantitative / qualitative research methods and epidemiological investigation are used to create and interpret public health knowledge.

A2   An in-depth knowledge and understanding of public health informed by current scholarship and research.

B1   Critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in the discipline.

B2   Use expertise in independent learning using the exploration of knowledge and enquiry to underpin practice.

B3   Demonstrate creativity and innovation in tackling and solving public health related problems with diverse populations.

B4   Independently design, assess and evaluate intervention strategies for the promotion of health or prevention of disease.

C1    In-depth knowledge and the development of advanced skills to prepare students to lead in the field of public health.

C2    The application of knowledge and research to professional practice (in theory and practice) to meet the changing and multi-disciplinary demands of public health.

C3    The ability to exercise initiative in creative programme planning, leading a change and decision-making.





Course Code Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
USW-IND-101 Induction Module 0.00
Postgraduate Certificate Level
PE4S159 Public Health Concepts 20.00
PE4S160 Promoting Health 20.00
PE4S161 Evidence in Public Health 20.00
Postgraduate Diploma Level
PE4S163 Leadership and Change 20.00
PE4S162 Health Protection 20.00
PE4S166 Epidemiology in Public Health 20.00
Postgraduate Award Level
PE4S167 Global Family Health 20.00
PE4S164 Health Governance and Economics 20.00
PE4S165 Project Module in Public Health 20.00

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