LLM Laws

Educational Aim:


The course aims to:

Provide engagement with theoretical and current issues of debate on topical, cutting edge areas on concern.

Develop advanced legal knowledge to provide for rigorous analysis of key areas of contemporary law and practice

Develop the skills needed to deal with the legal rules relating to the relevant area of law and the ability to analyse

and critique those rules in a practical and academic context.

Place those studies in appropriate conceptual frameworks using a range of academic disciplines and insights.

Develop the skills needed to use a range of legal and policy documents, including primary and secondary sources

from the European Union, United Kingdom and other legal jurisdictions.

Develop research skills necessary for participation in a project or other professional task requiring the deployment

of knowledge, comprehension, application, evaluation, analysis and synthesis in the relevant area of law.

Provide an opportunity to focus on contemporary and possibly controversial areas of law and policy development in

order to engage in informed debate.


Course Code Course Title
USW-IND-101-LLM Induction Module
LC4S188 Law of Obligations
LC4S181 Corporate Law and Governance
LC4S198 International Human Rights Law
LC4S180 Commercial and Consumer Law
LC4S189 Frameworks of International and European Law
LC4S174 Research Methods
LC4T103 Dissertation